Dead Secret VR – review

dead secret vrSometimes a quick scare isn’t enough, what you need is a murder mystery with a brooding atmosphere that builds up to become a great thriller. That’s exactly what you get with Robot Invader’s Dead Secret. There aren’t going to be any foaming mouthed zombies or decapitated mutants in this game … just your own imagination.

The game which is now out for both Oculus Rift and Gear VR stars a female reporter (the protagonist) who explores an abandoned farmhouse following a “murder”. It seems to take place in the 60’s noted by way of the furniture and detailing within the property. As a reporter you feel its your duty to find out who murdered the deceased (Harris Bullard) and why. A classic and creepy version of Cluedo in virtual reality.

Solve the murder

From then on its a case of rummaging through the building searching for clues, finding clues, reading manuscripts etc. that will help you solve the crime. There are some core areas in the game from Harris’ study (full of Japanese mythology pieces) through to the eerie cellar.

dead secret screenOverall the graphics are pretty impressive and there are some nice touches that help bring it to life. There isn’t a sound track per-se but there are plenty of atmospheric sounds from foot steps to creaky floorboards that will keep you on your toes. Another great feature of Dead Secret is that there are multiple endings so you could play this a number of times and experience a different conclusion. The game itself does not use a game controller but relies on point-and-click which works fine.

If you’re looking for a VR murder mystery game then Dead Secret is a good bet.

Download it from the Robot Invader site or STEAM.

4 stars