Dellai sisters – Czech VR

twin sex vrOk we’ve seen some hot VR porn action in our time, with some of the worlds sexiest girls but this new film by Czech VR takes it to a whole new level.

Dellai Twins features two girls who are actually non-identical twin sisters and here to make all your sexy and sordid dreams come true. Some films claim to have ‘sisters’ – these guys really are, check out their Twitter account. As you can see the Dellai twins are stunners and we put that down to them having a mix of both Italian and Czech parents; two nations with the sexiest girls on the planet.

Super hot twins

dellai twins vrWell the good news is that the girls are just as horny as you are and you can expect over 18 minutes of some of the sexiest virtual reality action we’ve some in some time. If there’s one thing the Dellai sisters know its how to get a rock hard cock. This is achieved in the first place by some synchronized cock sucking with one sister on each side of your cock.

They then play around with each others pussies for a bit before getting back on top of you and screwing your brains out. Lets face it you’re going to have one hell of an orgasm from these girls.

If you’re into threesomes with sexy Eastern European twins but don’t want to pay for a flight and hotel this film is the next best option.

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This film gets one of our rare coveted FIVE star ratings.

five star rating