Discovering Space 2 – review

discovering spaceIf you’ve ever wondered what it really felt like to travel through space then Discovering>Space 2 is a fantastic VR game. Unlike the multitude of other space games out there where you have to shoot down alien ships and invade planet this is a realistic VR simulator on what it would be like to fly around and explore space. Its also been created by small, independent but enthusiastic developers, Discovering > VR, who have a lot of thought and passion into it.

Once the game is uploaded and you’re strapped into your Oculus Rift headset then its all systems go. You have full control of the ship as you travel round the galaxy. Thankfully there is an on board guide which helps to identify various points of interest. Fancy heading towards that group of stars? Want to view the Earth from a distance? Simply use jump gates to get there.  It really does feel like you are hanging in space due to the scale and vastness of space Discovering VR have created.

VR space simulator

To add to the realism of the space adventure the developers have spent a lot of time with the detail and rendering.  For example you can clearly see the texture and detail on a planets terrain. In addition your ships dashboard has some great HUD displays that make it feel like you’re travelling through space. Other detailing such as hyperspace and re-entry effects help to enhance and bring to life the experience.  The background sound also works well as you hear the low rumblings of the engine (or choose background music instead).

discovering space 2

If you want to take your time, relax and just glide around space then Discovering Space 2 is for you.

Currently available for the Oculus Rift DK2 via the Rift Arcade.

Check out the Discovering VR site for more info.

4 stars