Evil Robot Traffic Jam – review

evil traffic jamTower defence games! We’ve seen them come and go for the virtual reality sector. Most of the time there’s no need (other than cash!) for developers to amend the game for VR as they play perfectly well in 2D however for some games it certainly adds a depth of immersion – thankfully Evil Robot Traffic Jam gets it right.

The developers, Element Games, really have spent a good deal of resource making sure their game works well in virtual reality, creating a perspective that really engages the player.

VR tower defence game

So what on earth is Evil Robot Traffic Jam all about then? Well quite simply you have to ensure the traffic does not reach its intended target by obliterating it with a selection of towers you put up across the route.

Similar to other TD game mechanics you have to accumulate funds by destroying enemies. With these funds you can then go on to upgrade towers and purchase new ones. There’s also an ‘Abilities bar’ that gradually builds up as the game progresses. When the bar is full you can unleash some serious firepower on the enemies so use it wisely.

evil robot traffic jam

Overall the graphics are colourful and fun which along with the buzzy soundtrack help create a fun and frivolous gaming environment. There are some nice 3D touches that also help to bring the game to life such as miniature planes flying around your head.

Available for the Gear VR and Oculus Rift Evil Robot Traffic is a great tower defence game that certainly worth a download.

Check it out now on the Oculus store

3 star