Fly to Kuma VR – review

We do like a challenge now and again so was pleased to see that developers COLOPL have created ‘Fly to Kuma’ which launched alongside the Oculus Rift. To summarise fly to kumathis virtual reality game in a nut-shell – help the Kuma (suited pink teddy bears) to cross various obstacles and traps and lead them safely to the other side.

However although controls are fairly simple, just like Fight Club, there are strict rules. Firstly Kuma can only walk straight (a bit like the old school Lemmings game) so you need to start bending and adjusting the landscape as best you can. Secondly, you can only move blue blocks so don’t think it’s a simple case of picking up that large red obstacle. Finally, at least one poor Kuma must survive in order to pass through to the next round.

Is Fly to Kuma any good?

The graphics in Fly to Kuma are bright and cheerful and the sound fits the game play. To be honest this game could easily be played without the need for virtual reality; unlike other games the VR element doesn’t really enhance it. To summarise although its certainly not the best launch title out there it is a fun virtual reality puzzle game that will keep your brain occupied for a good few hours.

Check out the Fly to Kuma site for more info on game requirements.

3 star