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When it comes to VR pervs the Japanese are up there, from interactive toys to rather niche porn the Japs are as erotic as they come. Did you know they had to shut down the first VR porn conf (in Japan) due to overcrowding.

So its no real surprise to see that Gal*Gun (or ぎゃる☆がん Gyaru Gan) has been launched in VR. This rail shooter game was originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2011 and has now had a massive remake in that it can be played in virtual reality.

In this game you go around a school and other environments in order to become the most popular guy. How do you do this? By shooting the young girls with pheromones of course … who immediately become besotted with you. Target the shots carefully and you’ll be able to view all manner of private areas for all those cheeky chaps.

Its not all plain sailing though as there are demons you need to capture as they will turn a loving girl into a ball-stomping nutter if you’re not careful. 

Overall Gal*Gun VR is a bit of fun and perfect for those who are in dying need of the love of a school girl. If you’re into Anime then you’ll enjoy the graphics which are bright but basic however the controls are a bit fiddly and not particularly intuitive. Its a slightly pervy game that I’m sure will please our readers. 

Game categories
Anime / Shooter / Erotic fantasy


Japanese school girl VR game 


VR compatible 
HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Recommended system requirements 
OS: Windows 10 64bit  | Processor: Intel i5-4670 | Memory:4 GB RAM | Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1080

Our rating

3 star



STEAM rating
Very positive

gal gun vr


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