Garage drummer VR – review

garage drummer vrLet’s first start by asking the question – “Why don’t more people have drum kits?” Well, firstly they can be very expensive (for a good kit), they will take up a whole heap of space and will inevitably annoy anyone living within 50 metres of the drums. Thankfully Garage Drummer VR is the saviour here as it happily removes those objections so you can drum to your hearts delight.

Created by Blazing Tree Studio and using the esteemed Unreal 4 graphics engine ‘Garage Drummer VR’ is a fantastic way to learn the drums and create as much noise as you want. The game has been designed for use with the HTC’s Motion controllers allowing you to feel the full realism and accuracy of drum playing; the hit detection in particularly impressive.

Virtual reality drum kit

The drum kit comprises a snare, bass, four tom-toms and four symbols (including a high hat).  As the name suggests it seems the kit is located in the stereo-type garage however this garage is located by a beach so there’s a nice ambient light. With Garage drummer VR you can practice yourself or rock to your own music.

garage drummer vr

Recommended system requirements: HTC VIVE/ OS: Windows 10 64bit / Processor: Intel I7 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: Nvidia 980

Overall Blazing Tree Studio have created a fun and realistic drum kit simulator and we’re sure we’ll see more instrument simulators as VR becomes more mass market.

Download an early access version of Garage drummer from STEAM

4 stars