Hardcode VR

If you’re after a fun and frantic 3rd person virtual reality shooter then Hardcode VR is a safe bet. Created by Jedium Game Studios you are placed in various arenas where you have to accomplish certain goals.

hardcode vrAs you can see from the image this isn’t a first person VR game so it can require some getting used to however after some practice you should be good to go. You will require a blue tooth game pad controller of some sort in order to move your character around and shoot down various targets. Along with single player missions there’s also a multi-player option so you can challenge your friends.

Virtual reality action game

Hardcode’s graphics are well rendered and have an edgy 90’s feel to them. At times you can feel a little disorientated, especially when jumping around platforms but overall they work well. The soundtrack to the game is also punchy and works well with the game play.

You can download Hardcode VR from Google Play and once downloaded make sure you check for updates as the developers continue to add new levels.

Vr games from Google play 3 star