Hitman Go VR – review

hitman goWe’re big fans of turn-based strategy games but for the most part they haven’t been particularly accessible for virtual reality. Thankfully Hitman Go jumps two feet first into VR and comes up trumps.

The basic objective of Hitman is to navigate Agent 47 across a gird of spaces in order to take out your targets. Every time Agent 47 moves it counts as a turn so you have to be extra strategic and not run out of moves. Of course its nt as simple as that as you have to avoid enemies, cross obstacles and stay undercover. Thankfully you have a lot of assets you can use from sniper rifles and hiding spots through to some ingenious disguises.

Virtual reality strategy game

The longevity with Hitman GO VR is also impressive as there are over 90 different stages you must complete. In addition to taking out the main target there are numerous optional goals such as completing the level without killing anyone (tricky when you’re a hitman).

As you can see from the screen shots the graphics are beautifully rendered and look even better when you immerse yourself into the world. Back in 2014 when the game was originally launched the graphics were impressive but with the advent of VR you get to experience a brand new perspective. In addition to great visuals the soundtrack also helps immerse the player into the action.

hitman vr

The movement and virtual reality physics do take some getting used to. If playing with the Gear VR you do have to use your head motion quite considerably which can get uncomfortable. The board can also be manipulated by pressing and holding the touchpad.

That said this is easily one of the best virtual reality strategy games out on the market. Stunning visuals, interesting gameplay and longevity. What more could you ask for.

Check out the Hitman GO site for more info.

4 stars