Hover Junkers VR – review

hover junkersWhat does the future look like to the guys over at Stresslevelzero, developers of Hover Junkers? Not great to be honest. Earth has run out of water (which actually is a real risk to human civilisation) so most have moved to another system. There are still however a number of unfortunates who remain on Earth to salvage and battle each other on their hovering junker ships .. and this is where you step in as you’re given the role of one of these junkers.

Well first the good news. Hover Junkers has been built from the ground up to be played as a VR game so its got some great and unique properties. This isn’t a game where you sit on your ass and casually squeeze a trigger its about dodging unless bullets that have been fired from your competitors … and firing back … accurately. The game mechanics are simple yet elegant. You fire a bullet and it will hit exactly what you were aiming for in the VR world, no room for error or spray and pray tactics.

Is Hover Junkers any good?

As you go around the various worlds in Hover Junkers such as Dead Docks and Junk City you’ll come across all sorts of litter and junk left by the departing humans. Don’t just ignore this stuff though as it can be used on your junker to help create barriers and block enemies. The customisation doesn’t end there as there are a whopping 17 different hover ships to choose from in the game. Why hover you ask? Well some evil git has let loose a bunch of enormous killer worms (think Tremors) so you put your foot on the ground, your lunch for a worm.

hover junkers game

Along with a single player option Stresslevelzero have also been creating a multi player option. You all know how competitive multi player games are and when it comes to Hover Junkers its ratcheted up a level as you all defend and steal other players loot so expect lots of shooting and dodging other junkers projectiles; Team deathmatch is one of the most enjoyable VR multiplayer games out there.

Overall this is one of the most fun games available for virtual reality. It’s very difficult to fault this in anyway as the developers really have thought of everything and this has translated into a well crafted and designed game that’s worth purchasing.

Hover Junkers is available for the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive via STEAM 

More info from the Hover Junker site.

five star rating