iOMoon – review

io moonSpace exploration themes aren’t exactly original in the VR game sector … but exploring the heart of iO (Jupiter’s moon) is! That’s exactly what you get with Headtrip’s latest VR soiree ‘iOMoon‘.

It really is an impressive game as you pilot a probe in this atmospheric and inmmersive VR environment. The objective you’ve been given is to locate and collect evidence of possible life forms that may/ may not survive within iO.

Explore iO in VR

iOMoon begins on the mother ship before transcending to the surface of iO and then gradually meandering deeper and deeper into the heat of the moon. Along the way you get to experience and engage in all manner of environments from dangerous lava rivers through to beautiful neon creatures. Point to note is that this is an exploration game, you won’t be blasting aliens into smithereens but blasting flares into dark caverns to illuminate your surroundings.

io moon vr

The graphics as you can see from these screen shots are pretty sublime. A lot of work and consideration has gone into creating realistic but at the same time alien environments. The rendering and movement within the VR environment is also impressive and works well on the Oculus Rift. Thankfully the games soundtrack is also very atmospheric and has been composed by award winner Garry Schyman (he has also worked on top title games like Bioshock).

io moon screen shot

Overall iOmoon is a VR sci-fi wonder and a tribute to the guys over at Headtrip. They’ve managed to create a great virtual reality space game that is both unique and believable. Certainly worth a download.

Download Early Access for ioMoon from STEAM or check out the Headtrip games site for more info.

4 stars