Japanese VR fetish

otaku girl vrAre you into JAV (Japanese adult videos) and fancy watching them in virtual reality then you’ll enjoy Virtual Real Porn’s latest movie ‘OTAKU GIRL‘.

For the unintiated types, Otaku is someone super geeky and rather introverted. Well look here as in walks our very own otaku girl, Lola Taylor.

Anime VR fetish movie

Lola, the sexy, busty blonde knows you’re into all things Japanese so has decided to dress up in a cheeky little Lolita costume … and doesn’t she look the part! The makeup and hair all contribute to that look the Japanese men die for.

However there’s no innocence here as she wants your cock and wants it now! It’s not long before you cock is ready to rock and roll so expect some great VR hardcore action. Fr the next 20 minutes you take on the perspective of fucking Lola in all sorts of positions. You get to fuck Lola all in sorts of positions including cow girl.

otaku girl vr porn

Along with fucking cock Lola also enjoys nothing better than sucking cock so you get to see those anime lips of hers suck that cum out of you.

Overall this is one great VR porn movie for those into Japanese/ Anime role play.

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4 stars