Knee Deep – VR film noire

knee deepKnee Deep, by Prologue games, is a refreshing change and truly unique in the VR gaming world. Essentially Knee Deep is a murder mystery adventure game where you take the role of director of a play enacted on a stage – the plays name is titled ‘Knee Deep’.

The play is based around the death of a washed-up actor (Tag Kern) who is found hanging on location. At first glance it looks like an obvious case of suicide however three key characters are about to reveal its anything but an open-shut case.The key protagonists in this game are a local reporter called Jack Bellet, a blogger Romana Teague and a PI KC Gaddis. Together they are going to unmask this death and show that indeed more is afoot in the back waters of swampland Florida.

Murder mystery VR game

The game mechanics of Knee Deep are different to many VR games you would have come across before. In this you must talk to a large variety of characters in order to gauge what exactly happened to Tag. These conversations can dramatically influence and change the story which means the narrative can form in many different ways.

knee deep vrAs you’re watching the action unfurl you have to remember it’s a stage-play your watching which certainly does take some getting used to.

The graphics are artsy/ film noir in their styling and add to the atmosphere. The way the camera moves is also very impressive. The voice acting (certainly important in this game) are also very impressive and absorbing.

As the developers accurately put it ‘Knee Deep’ is a swamp noiradventure in three acts. It’s not going to appeal to everyone but none the less certainly a game worth playing.

Recommended system requirements: HTC Vive and/or Oculus Rift/ OS: Windows 8 / Processor: i7 or equivalent / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: ATI or NVidia card / Storage: 2 GB available space

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4 stars