Microsoft already selling 1000s of Hololens

Almost a year ago we reported how the HoloLens was going to be the future of AR tech … and so far it seems our prediction has been correct. 
hololensOne way of gauging how popular a piece of tech will become is the amount of developers accessing it pre-consumer launch. These developers are able to experiment and work with this new tech to come up with software relevant to the hardware. Although the HoloLens will cost a dev company $3k! it seems (according to Microsoft’s Commercial Lead) that many thousand units have already been shipped out. 

However the fact that competitors such as DAQRI and Magic Leap have also put serious investment into AR means that Microsoft can’t be complacent if they want to be leaders in this field. One things for sure augmented reality has exciting times ahead.

Versus VR however AR is still way behind. It’s just been released that last year 6.3m VR headsets were sold (a whopping 4.5m were Samsung Gears) and this number is just going to get greater and greater. 

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