Mount Wingsuit – review

mount wingsuitHere at TheRealitySandwich we’ve always been fans of virtual reality flying games. We’re not talking about flying around in a rocket ship or similar vessel but actually flying through the air like Superman. For those who have not yet used a wingsuit in real life (and if you have you’re certainly in the minority) and want to experience this sensation then MOUNT WINGSUIT is for you.

Created by Ninja Whale Studios Mount Wingsuit has you strapped into a wingsuit (basically your body and arms act as a handglider) where you have to accomplish various challenges.

Virtual reality wingsuit

You start the game on top of a platform that sits on the highest mountain peak so expect stunning vistas … but be warned you do need a head for heights this could There are a variety of game mechanics to get involved in. You can simply jump off the edge and glide down exploring the open world at your leisure, try over 40 different line challenges or alternatively get involved in slalom type courses. There’s even a survival mode where you need pin-point precision and quick instincts in order to not smash into the rock face.

mount wingsuit vrThere is also a fair amount of customisation that goes on with the actual wingsuit itself. There are 8 different varieties to choose from each of which not only looks different but gives you different aerodynamic movements.

The graphics are pretty impressive with decent texturing and detailing on the all important landscape and thanks to the VR tech used it does immerse you into each jump.

However with over 300 different objectives to complete across an immense mountainous landscape Wingsuit should keep you engrossed for some time.

Download it now from STEAM

System requirements: HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT compatible. OS – Windows 7 SP1 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX970

4 stars