My friends hot mum – Naughty America VR

kendra lust vrSo there you are chilling at your mates house but suddenly you come over all light-headed, you must have a man-cold. Well your mate’s got to go to work but his mum will look after you.

Thankfully his mum is none other than busty porn actress Kendra Lust and she knows how to make you feel better! Presenting … My Friends Hot Mum by Naughty America VR.

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So you’re lying in bed and Kendra comes to make sure you’re ok … and she does this by stripping off. Ok a little bit of guilt enters your mind as you’re seeing your mates mum looking fit and naked by your cock .. but when in Rome!!

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She slowly takes off your pants and starts rubbing your cock. She knows a bit of oral helps the medicine go down so she begins to lick and suck your dick until its rock hard.

Once your up for it the VR porn movie gets a bit more hardcore as you begin fucking Kendra in various positions. Check out that tight ass and huge breasts, you just know this is going to be an extreme orgasm.

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