Nancy’s Summer – adult VR game

nancy summer vrOh the Japanese sure know how to make Anime sexy … and the developer of Nancy’s Summer – heaven island has come up trumps. Now first things first this is not a full nudity game. Nancy is your girlfriend and its all about treating this special lady right … doesn’t mean you can’t have so fun though.

You and Nancy are together on Heaven Island and you get to spend time with her either on the beach, in the hotel or in the nightclub/ casino. During the day you can choose the various different activities where you get to play around on the beach and rub sun cream into her or watch her take a shower. At night though you can go clubbing with Nancy and try your luck at different table games.

In addition you are able to take photos of Nancy (kinda pervy) whilst she’s up to her various activities. Nancy herself can be customised and you can choose the various outfits she wears and even her boob size.

nancy vr adultNow there are adult VR games that are a lot more raunchy than Nancys Summer. We think this is designed for the lonely male who needs and girlfriend but wants to practice first on an ideal VR one.

Is this the future of VR dating? Who knows, what we do know is the game is pretty fun with some solid graphics and game play; note that although there is room-scale but there is no use of motion controllers (its all through head movement).

Minimum system requirements: Oculus Rift or HTC Vive / OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 2 GB RAM/ Graphics: GTX750ti

Download ‘Nancy’s Summer on Heaven Island’ from STEAM

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3 star