New Retro Arcade – 80s VR

vr arcadeNostalgia is the buzz word here. When we first saw Digital Cybercherries latest game release ‘New Retro Arcade‘ we thought we had been transported to the beginning of the latest TRON film. If you’ve not seen it a kid discovers a hidden room featuring all things 80s including the addictive and memorable arcade machines. New Retro Arcade is similar in that is has brought to life an 80s arcade room with some excellent 80s detailing from old cigarette packs through to the garish  carpet.

Play 80s games in virtual reality

When you walk into the arcade you’ll be presented with a number of different machines from Pac-Man and Street Fighter to Gauntlet and Golden Axe. Simply choose the game you’re after and you can begin playing as it you’re actually there.

Its not only arcade machines you can go up to and play. You can also interact with old-skool gaming machines from the SNES through to playing Super Mario Bros on the classic Gameboy. There’s even a bowling alley you can check out if you need some time away from the pixels.

vr snes

This game really does bring us right back to our child-hood when we had to nag our parents for the tokens, grab the paint stripped joy stick and play arcades under bright neon tube lights, breathing in the stale air … Digital Cybercherries really have done a great job in bringing  this back to life.

New Retro Arcade is currently only available for the Oculus Rift however keep an eye on their site for development news.

4 stars