Observatory VR: 3 games and a music vid

observatory vrVariety is the spice of life‘ – a little clichéd but one that stands the test of time – just think cereals, chocolate boxes etc. Cast your mind back to the 90s  and the games available tended to be compilations of some of the best on the market. Well the good news is that the guys at 2DArray have created Observatory: A VR variety pack; an iteration of this compilation for virtual reality users.

This pack is perfect for someone who has just picked up their headset and wants to see what this virtual reality fuss is all about. Although still in development mode Observatory brings owners of the Rift and Vive three different games and a music video.

Smorgasbord of VR

Available now for download from STEAM the three games you’re able to play include a challenging island puzzler called ‘The Island’, a hectic downhill racing game ‘Hamster slide’ and a psychedelic space horror game ‘Antibody’. On top of those games there is “Phantasmagoria”, a trippy space music video featuring Icky Blossoms; this can be experienced as a free demo.observatory game

From what we understand the developers see Observatory as an ongoing project and have put a two year development cycle to it where the games/ films etc will go through various iterations and statuses. Check out the official site for more info or download it from STEAM.

We think this variety pack concept created by  2DArray is a great idea and one that should cater to people who are easily bored with just one offering.

4 stars