Omega Agent VR – review

omega agent vrOmega Agent, by Fireproof games (creators of the critically acclaimed ‘The Room’ series), is one of those titles that does not take gaming too seriously. Sometimes you simply need to have fun rather than challenge your brain every five seconds!

Taking the first-person perspective of a jet packer your objective is to explore  Omega Island and uncover secret missions. As you can see from the graphics you can soar and fly around the island and really feel like you’re engaging with the environment. The developers have cleverly left the vertical bars from the jetpack visible so that A) you feel like you’re strapped in and B) this is where you’ll find various permanence gauges (showing everything from score, time and collectible).

Jetpack VR ride

Once you’ve completed the tutorial guide on how to use and direct your jet-pack (which does take a bit of practice) you’ll find there are two game modes in Omega Agent. Firstly ‘Free flight’ mode enables you to enjoy the island at your leisure and locate various briefcases and blueprints that have been deposited. Bear in mind everything you see is 100% accessible so point yourself in the right direction and fire the rockets. The other game mode is the ‘Mission Directory’ involves hitting a number objectives and achieving stars which will unlock further mission classes. Missions range from time trials through to target shooting so there’s a good level of variety.

jet pack vr

As you can see from the screen shots Omega Agent is a bright and colourful game with the feel of a 60’s British spy drama (think Bond meets Powers). The sound also helps to create the sense of action and excitement and works particularly well for periods of drama. As for movement in this VR environment reviewers on STEAM have commented on the fact that the game has caused motion sickness however there are a number of control options to help alleviate any nausea you may feel.

Overall Omega Agent is great fun and if you can’t afford a jet-pack in real life this is the next best thing.

Download it now for RIFT and VIVE from STEAM

4 stars