Pinball FX2 VR – review

With the exception of the Alex Kidd arcade machine, the Star Wars pinball machine was our hangout when we were kids. Many a coin was poured down the slots of those machines. If we were kids now and had the choice between Pinball FX2 VR and an old fashioned table it would be difficult to decide.

You may have come across Pinball FX by Zen Studios before as the game has been out in various iterations for some time. Zen Studios generally works with the latest movie/ TV hits and creates intricate and detailed interactive pinball games around them. Pinball FX2 VR takes this to another level!

pinball tablesLaunched alongside the Oculus Rift Pinball FX2 VR has you entering a room full of different themed pinball machines. So what’s new we hear you ask? Well for starters if you choose to play on the ‘Mars’ table you’ll be constantly ducking out of the way of space ships zooming round the table. Or if you choose to play ‘Secrets of the Deep’ you’ll be keeping one eye out for the giant shark that’s circling the table.

Pinball FX2 VR gameplay

The graphics are beautiful. Colourful, realistic and fun. The surprise elements with each table keep you on your toes and more importantly keep you interested in a particular game. Also importantly the ball physics are super realistic and believable so you can experience pinball as if you were really there. As with most games now there are various social features you can utilise to see which of your friends is wearing the ‘highest score’ crown … and letting everyone know about it.

There are currently only three themed tables to play on however its highly likely Zen Studios will be adding to this as the game.

Pinball FX2 VR is now available for the Oculus Rift.

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4 stars