Pitch Hit – VR baseball

pitch hitThere aren’t a huge amount of decent sporting games in the VR sector so when one comes along that has both sports and action thrown in you know you’re onto a winner. Pitch Hit by Viewer Ready does just that, mixing up baseball with the objective of smashing various objects.

Be honest now, when you see a antique Ming Dynasty vase in a museum there’s a little devil inside you goading you on to smash it. It might be illegal to do this in real life but Pitch Hit enables you to do so in virtual reality.

Firstly and importantly the game has been created for the HTC Vive as it uses its hand controllers. You also require an area of at least 2m x 1.5m as you’ll be moving a lot. Pitch hit is simple to set up, once loaded you just need to adjust the pitch height and then you can start swinging.

VR Swinger

Pitch Hit offers up a wide assortment of items that you can aim for and smash and after some practice you should start getting half decent. Do you go for the ornate statue, the plates on the dresser, the piggy-bank or the floating window in the sky. Whatever you end up targeting you know’ll there will be a lot of satisfaction when you hit it!

Overall there are three game modes to choose from which add both variety and longevity to the game; you can choose from self-pitch, T-ball or pitcher modes.

pitch hit vr

If there’s ever been a virtual reality game that lets you release the tension and have fun at the same time then Pitch Hit is a no-brainer; it’s also a great way to showcase VR games to your mates.

Download Pitch Hit today for free from STEAM.


4 stars