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police bootality Role playing is growing in popularity within the VR porn sector and if you’re into the power you exude whilst wearing a uniform, in particular a police uniform, you’re in for a real treat.

Police Bootality is the latest XXX VR film by the guys over at BadoinkVR. In this film you take the perspective of a policeman who has pulled over a rather drunk Assh Lee (no its not a typo). If you’ve not yet witnessed Assh in action you’ve been missing out. This sizzling brunette has come fuck me eyes and knows it. So when it comes to telling off the lovely Assh for being a drink driver you simply can’t help yourself.

Role play VR porn

Oooh officer she cries pretty please let me off … well a man in your position what you going to do? Let her off with a caution or let her wank you off? Assh knows how to use her assets and soon you’re under her seductive spell. You screw her clean shaven pussy and then she goes on to titty-fuck you with those massive tits.

police porn vr

Running for over 20 minutes and filmed with a 180 degree perspective this is a great adult vr movie that takes fantasy role playing to the next level.

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4 stars