Pool Nation VR – review

pool nation vrIn the past we’ve reviewed multiple virtual reality sports games from baseball through to air-hockey, now the guys over at Cherry Pop games have come up with the king of pub games – Pool Nation VR.

This game truly is one of the best sports games on the market thanks to the incredible immersive feel it creates and the accuracy of the physics to help create realism.

Currently Pool Nation VR is only available on the HTC VIVE as you require the relevant hand controllers needed to play pool. The developers have made every effort to ensure a realistic feel to the game and this can be seen with control system where one hand uses a motion controller for resting the cue and the other lines up the shot and regulates the power of the shot. In order to check out various positions, you can tele-port round the table (simply by pressing and releasing the track pad).

Virtual reality pool playing

Another interesting element to the game is the fact you can pick up various items in the bar. If like us you’ve always fancied lining up a stack of glass bottles on your table as target practice for your pool accuracy then you can in in Pool Nation.

Along with competing with the AI you also have the chance to play virtual pool with fellow gamers from around the world. Either join a random game via Pool Nation’s matchmaking system or interact with your friends. If there’s one thing this game brings out it will be your competitive side!

pool nationThe games heightens the level of realism by allowing you to interact with other areas around the pool table. We’ve mentioned that you can already pick up items but you can also take part in a game of darts, change the music on the jukebox etc; the bar is your playground.

If you’re looking for a highly realistic, entertaining and engaging sports game then Pool Nation VR is definitely worth a look.

Download it today from STEAM

Recommended set-up: OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 980 / Storage: 2 GB available

4 stars