Richie’s Plank Experience – review

richies plank experience Richie’s Plank Experience, by developer Toast, is one of those games you want to load up for people who have not yet used VR and you want to see their reaction to it.

Although focusing on the plank experience the game actually has three different game modes each of them great fun; choose from plank walk, fire deck and sky brush.

Walk the plank in VR

So the star of the show is the plank walk. If you want to try and conquer your fear of heights but don’t want the disadvantage of death then this is a great option. You start by taking an elevator over 500 feet above a hustling and bustling US city. From there you have to walk the plank. Sounds easy you say … well when you take that first step and the immersive nature of VR kicks in you’ll find yourself walking very, very cautiously. To set up the plan walk you need to measure out the distance of your actual walk which will in turn create the virtual plank (although you can use a real world plank).

vr plank

When it comes to the Sky brush mode you get to shoot rockets of paint into the sky in order to help create words/ imagery. In your other hand you get to pick the various different colours. Basically fly and around and colour up the sky!

Finally you’ve got the fire deck mode. Every boys dream, fly around a city like Iron Man. In this mode you act as a versatile flying fireman with two rockets (one per hand) to help you interact with the city. Flying down to the traffic, chasing birds, zooming up the side of buildings. Great fun, dream like.

Overall the graphics look great and the game mechanics are spot on. There’s lots of potential for Toast to keep adding to the game and we can imagine this staying a VR favourite for some time to come.

System requirements – HTC Vive / OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel i5 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: Nvidia 960

Download Richie’s Plank Experience from STEAM

4 stars