Samsung’s Milk VR

If you’re into virtual reality, full 360 perspective films then Samsung’s dedicated resource MILK is a must see. Designed and developed as a portal for film makers to showcase their latest work, MILK is a great initiative by the tech giants. Firstly and most importantly to view and appreciate these great VR films you’ll need to have purchased a Gear, Samsung’s impressive VR headset. Currently the portal only works with the headset and does not support the likes of Rift or Cardboard. We do hope however that the likes of Oculus and Google also create an indie portal where producers can upload and share their films.

Currently on MILK VR there are over ten great short virtual reality films that cross multiple sectors and themes. Each is worth a viewing however if we had to choose three of our favourite films they would be the following.

extreme racing vrExtreme Drift Allstars VR

Sick bags at the ready, prepare for a bumpy ride. Extreme Drift Allstars features a view from the cockpit of some pretty kick-ass motors. Take a seat as the cars race on hte Riga leg of the Allstars 2015 grand prix. After seeing the drivers from the trackside you get a view in-car whilst it races with another. Great fun for all petrol heads. Run time – 1.33


coyote vr filmCoyote: A ghost story VR

We love a good horror that gets the adrenal glands active. Flicks like Blair Witch are certainly creepy enough but when they are filmed in 3D you really do experience an immersive horrot experience. The plot revolves around ab abandoned house in California nad features Stephanie Sheh and Joe Kaplan. Run time – 6.51


great white vr
Great White Sharks VR

If you’re not brave eniugh to swim with the sharks – and who can blame you) then you’ll want to check out this great 360 perspective movie bu Curiscope. You start the movie just below the siurface watching a shoal of fish before two hingry great whites come along. The narration is great as they explain how the great white is such as great hunter.  Run time – 1.43

Download these three and many more virtual reality films from MILK

five star rating