Sexual Healing – Naughty America

sexual vrSexual Healing is the latest virtual reality adult film by Naughty America VR. Like a number of their movies this one has a kinky theme to it and in this case its doctors in a position of power.

The doctor in this case is the sexy blonde bomb shell August Ames. You walk into August’s office expecting some treatment for your ailment but the treatment you receive is certainly not what you expected!

Virtual reality doctor sex

August starts off dressed in her doctors whites but soon they are on the floor and you get an eyeful of her boobs and pussy. She does keep on her sexy stockings and stilettos … come on she is a doctor after all! Soon after her strip tease she works your cock and by work we mean licking and sucking it until you almost cum.

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By this time Ms Ames pussy is pretty wet and inviting for your cock so its no surprise she climbs on top of you expecting a good hard screw.

At this point your ailments have all but gone. There’s one thing you won’t be leaving with and that’s blue balls.

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4 stars