She cums with the house – Badoink VR

fox vr If there’s one sales tactic that works its getting a fit bird to sell you the product. The product in question this time round is an extremely expensive house lucky for you the chick in question is none other than Aidra Fox.

In BadoinkVR’s latest VR porn movie Aidra plays the part of a real estate agent who REALLY wants that commission check … introducing SHE CUMS WITH THE HOUSE.

BadoinkVR & Aidra Fox

If you’ve ever bought real estate before you know you need to check out all the space … especially the master bedroom and this is exactly where Ms Fox leads you.

She knows you have a tight budget to match her tight pussy so will pull out all the stops to get you to sign. She walks up to you and before you know it she’s grabbed your cock and giving it a good massage. With a face and body as sexy as hers there’s no way you’re pulling out now.

aidra fox vr

Once she’s got you hard its time to inspect that shaven, juicy pussy of hers. You get to fuck Aidra in all sorts of positions and she’s fully willing … as long as you sign that transaction at the end.

A great role-play VR movie from the guys at Badoink with one of the sexiest porn stars around.

Running for 25 mins ‘She cums with the house’ is available now for mobile, Gear, PS VR, Vive and Rift.

4 stars