SKY VR app launch

sky vrLike many other large tech companies round the world (Microsoft., FaceBook, Sony etc) SKY have decided to get involved in the virtual wave that has caught this planet by storm.

SKY have officially announced that it will be launching its own virtual reality application for its users this summer. The app will hopefully bring heaps of top quality VR content to the masses. Thankfully SKY are in the advantageous position of already being one of the world largest broadcasters of content across the arts, sports and entertainment sectors so hopefully they’ll jump right into this new medium.

Virtual reality on SKY


SKY will be following the likes of Jaunt (who they invested in last year), WEVR and Samsung’s Milk, all virtual reality apps that offer users access to virtual reality content (especially films).

SKY also launched their VR Studios sub-brand which will not only be the ‘home of quality VR content’ but also be one of the key players in its product too.

Keep an eye on our virtual reality news section for updates to SKY’s involvement in this area.