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Statik by Tarsier Studios, is a great new puzzle game for the PSVR. Taking influences from a number of game genres Statik will have your little grey cells working feverishly to decipher what’s going on.

You start off in a room sitting in a chair. In front of you are an array of screens showing different patterns, to your left lies a camera and to your right a man in front of a desk. Most disturbingly though if you look at your hands you’ll see they are both enclosed in a futuristic box which you’re able to manipulate. The man in the room with you is Dr Ingen who is joined by ‘Edith’ and together they want to unravel the human mind .. with you as the guinea pig.

As you can probably imagine Statik is an interesting puzzle game that in which you’ll need all your senses (well except for smell) to complete. If you’re into this type of game genre and own a PSVR then this is certainly a must try. You should test out the free sample from the Playstation Store before purchasing. 

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4 stars



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