The Brookhaven Estate – review

brookhaven estateA new virtual reality horror game has just been released on STEAM and its a blinder. Let us introduce you to The Brookhaven Estate!

You may have come across a demo of this some time back but the developers at Phosphor Games have polished it off and we’re now left with one of the best VR survival horror titles out there.

The premise behind Brookhaven Estate is that you’re placed (in a static position) across an abundance of different environments and landscapes from creepy laboratories to empty fields and its from this position you must survive a wave of zombies. Unlike other games we’ve come across where you’re given buckets of ammo and power weapons, in this game you’re given a collection of small fire-arms with limited ammo; so the main objective is to carefully and considerably plan your assault. Thankfully there are also upgrades you can add to your inventory which will make your survival that little bit easier but what do you go for … longevity on your torch batteries, or a more accurate laser sight – decisions, decisions!

Great VR survival horror

The variety of monsters is pretty impressive. They are graphically excellent and you can literally see the hanging sinew on their gnarled faces. Some of these beasts can be taken out with a single ‘clean’ head shot but there are others that require the whole clip emptied into it. Just like their ugly faces there is also a huge variation in the way they move towards you so you have to think strategically how you’ll take them out.

Along with some top notch graphics the use of 3D spatial audio to keep you on your toes and increase the tension is brilliant. It can at times truly feel like you are in this environment waiting to be snacked on by these zombies.

zombie upgrade

Although there isn’t the most engaging of stories to accompany Brookhaven Estate the Campaign mode is certainly worth exploring however we feel that Survival mode is the champion in this game.

Created exclusively for HTC Vive The Brookhaven Estate is certainly one of the games of the year. Warning, don’t play this late at night if you’re looking forward to a good nights sleep!

Download it now from STEAM.

Minimum requirements are … OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer / Processor: Intel Core i5 4590 / Memory: 4 GB RAM / Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

five star rating