The Nest – review

nest vrDeveloped by inverse ‘The Nest’ is arguably the best virtual reality sniping game on the market. Created and developed for the HTC Vive you are duty bound to take down the alien invaders with your kick ass sniper rifle.

The story-line behind The Nest is that Earth had fallen to these robotic invaders some years back and there’s not much left of humanity. However rebels still exist and they’ve taken up strategic positions in the bombed our ruins of human civilisation.

Although its early access with limited content you’ll still get a feel of what The Nest is trying to achieve … and that’s super realistic sniper action. You’re positioned up high in a tower which gives you a great vantage point but also the added bonus of ducking behind the rubble.

Virtual reality sniper action

However its not all about looking down the scope and chuckling with glee as you take the head off an alien … as they shoot back! Use the cover to avoid incoming projectiles and especially make sure you watch out for the alien sharp shooters.

You only use the one Vive Sensor ring to steady the rifle and the touch pad to zoom in and out with the scope. Some people on STEAM it seems use various pieces of furniture to rest on to make the experience more authentic.
nest vr
There is variety in game modes including time trials and you can also try fighting at night which makes targeting and accuracy a lot trickier. The game does progress in difficulty so if you think its easy at first don’t get too complacent.

This game looks great and the game mechanics are spot on especially when it comes to the realism of aiming and shooting the sniper rifle. The Nest will certainly appeal to all those who enjoy taking the sniper position in action games and we’re eagerly anticipating what other content invrse will come up with in the future.

Recommended requirements: OS: Windows 10 / Processor: Intel i7-4970K / Memory: 16 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1070

Download THE NEST early access from STEAM today.

4 stars