Tomb of the golems – review

If you like your virtual reality action to take place in ancient Egpy, then Tomb of the Golems by GREE VR Studios should be a winner. Designed exclusively to work with the Samsung Gear Tomb of the Golems is controlled through both head movements and the touch pad on the Gear.

tale of the golemsThe premise behind Tomb of the Golems is that you are an adventurer of sorts aka Sydney who is out in the desert searching for her lost archaeologist brother. His disappearance leads you to some ancient and abandoned runs … and then you come across a sanctuary … and so the journey begins. There’s lots of action as the ancient Egyptian gods do not take kindly to trespassers so expect fights from the gods servants and the gods themselves. Thankfully you have a pal on hand, in the shape of Luca the primate, who can help you escape and defeat your enemies.

There are many puzzles and secrets to uncover. The graphics are cartoony and colourful and there’s an atmospheric soundtrack to accompany it. The rendering of the game in virtual reality is also decent so you do feel as if you’re in the Egyptian tombs.

Overall its a fun and fast paced action game for the Gear.

Download Tomb of Golems from the Oculus Store or check out the developers site for more info.

3 star