Up skirt – Penny Pax

ginger vr pornThe team over at Hologirls have created another great face sitting VR porn clip titled ‘Do the curtains match the drapes?‘.

If you’ve not yet come across this expression its basically used for vibrant haired women i.e. is their hair color real and does it match their pubes … and in Penny Pax’s world it certainly does.

VR facesitting movie

Let us introduce you to the vibrant and sexy red head Penny Pax. Penny is certainly not the shy, retiring type. In fact she’s possibly one of the most fun girls to watch in virtual reality.

She saunters over to the camera with her tight red dress and slowly and sexily lowers herself on top of the lens. Now there’s a surprise she isn’t wearing any underwear! Hologirls are experts in this sector so you can be assured of a good quality 220 degree perspective.

hologirls face sitting

After she’s shown you her pussy and neatly trimmed pubic hair its onto her favourite sex toy – her see-through, dimpled dildo. Watch in close up as she inserts it into her, moaning with pleasure and eventually cumming all over the camera.

Just like their other virtual reality porn vids you can download a free sample of ‘Do the curtains match the drapes?’.

Another great face sitting movie from Hologirls.

4 stars