Virtual reality game reviews

Be aware of cheap imitations … TheRealitySandwich have been reviewing virtual reality games since the beginning of 2016 and have now amassed quite a collection of reviews across a range of gaming sectors. Since its launch we’ve looked at VR games for the smart phone players (Samsung Gear/ Cardboard) as well as games for those with serious kit such as the Vive and Rift … and soon to be the PlayStation.

VR game reviews

Over the last few months the quality of the games on offer has been increasing at an astonishing rate. Even the small indie development companies are releasing impressive gaming titles that are helping elevate virtual reality gaming to the masses.

Listed below you’ll find the various categories TheRealitySandwich have listed their game reviews along with the ‘best-in-class’ game in each of those categories. As VR is currently in its infancy and arguably has not reached mass market yet the amount of options available for gamers will increase dramatically.

Action VR games

The action category is one of the most popular for VR game developers and its no surprise we’ve seen an increasing number of titles being launched, especially for the HTC Vive (thanks to their movement controllers). Slide on your armour, pick up your rifle and take to the battlefields. Read more of our action game reviews.

smash the battleSmash the bottle is one of our favourite action games thanks in part to frantic action and lots and lots of guns. As a brief synopsis evil robots have taken over a vast construction site and its your job to smash the hell out of them. Out now for the Oculus Rift read our review on Smash The Battle

Driving VR games

Driving games have always been a popular genre thanks to arcade style fun and realistic graphics. That fact that virtual reality now puts you in the driving seat makes them even more immersive. Read up on some of our other VR driving game reviews and remember to strap in!

driving vr gamesOur favourite virtual reality driving game so far is the well received VR Karts: Sprint. If you enjoyed the old-skool Mario Kart classics, racing after competitors and firing weapons then VR Karts is a no brainer. Download it now from STEAM and check out our review.

Horror VR games

In the past horror games relied on loud noises and quick scares from the screen to create fear and get the adrenalin pumping. Now with virtual reality horror games become a lot more atmospheric and immersive. What’s the tapping noise behind you as you turn to investigate! If you’re into horror games then check out our dedicated reviews.

dreadWe believe the scariest virtual reality horror game out there is Dread Halls. Armed only with a torch and your skills of perception its your task to escape this creepy dungeon. Read our review then download Dread Halls today.

Sci-fi VR games

Virtual reality as a medium is in itself a product of science fiction so its no surprise that this game genre is one of the most commonly used themes by developers. Sci-fi games generally revolve around exploring planets and shooting aliens but are slowly becoming more sophisticated. Read more of our sci-fi game reviews.

eve gun jackArguably one of the most beautiful sci-fi battles games out there for virtual reality is EVE: Gunjack. In this game you’re in charge of a gun turret aboard a very large mothership and you have to take down the enemy pirates using a range of weapons. Great sci-fi fun. Read our review on EVE: Gunjack.

Shooting VR games

When it comes to shooting a weapon in virtual reality its not only genuinely realistic but also impressively accurate. This has led to a lot of VR games having a shooting element attached to it. With the addition of hand controllers and other accessories shooting games will gather momentum. Check out all the VR shooter game reviews we’ve written.

hover junkers We believe the best virtual reality shooting game out at the moment is Hover Junkers. Set in the future where the Earth has been abandoned you have to survive by shooting down other junkers and finding junk to create defences. Hover Junkers is one of the most realistic and accurate shooting games out there.

Strategy VR games

Although not necessarily a genre that should fit in with virtual reality strategy based games have proved to be successful on the likes of the Oculus or Gear. Commanding an army, sorting out defences etc is made that bit more immersive when its played in VR. If you’re into strategy type games for your virtual reality set up then check out dedicated reviews.

keeo talking The VR strategy game we’ve picked out that is currently best in class  is ‘Keep talking and nobody Explodes’. Its been out for some time now but still remains a multi-player classic where one of yo takes the role of a clueless bomb disposer whilst the other one has to guide them through it … without it exploding. Read our review here.