VR fantasy archery games

Thanks to HTC’s Motion Controllers its now become a lot easier to immerse yourself in virtual reality activities such as archery. Creating a pulling motion and aiming the arrow certainly feels realistic (when performed correctly); accompanied with accuracy and sound effects makes the action enthralling. As such we’ve decided to look at two of the best virtual reality adventure games that have archery as the focus weapon.

Wrath of the Fire God

wrath of fire Wrath of the Fire God is a very impressive VR action game. The premise is that you are standing on a moving platform which moves you slowly through the Fire God’s kingdom. Why are you moving through his kingdom you ask? Well the cheeky git has gone and stolen your villages gems … and you want them back!

There’s plenty of FPS action to accompany Wrath of the Fire God however you’ve got your faithful bow and arrow to ensure you don’t end up looking like a pin cushion. There are also a variety of powerful arrows (including ice and lightning). As you take on the four different levels you’ll encounter ever increasing numbers of aggressive guards that look like a reincarnated terracotta army.

Available for the HTC Vive grab your bow and quiver and take down these fire brutes. Download Wrath of the Fire God from STEAM.

4 stars


Trickster VR

trickster vrTrickster VR has received some very decent reviews on STEAM and that’s not surprising as its a fun and frantic VR archery adventure game. Like Wrath of the Fire God you are armed with an impressive bow but this time instead of fire statues its orcs that you’ve got to take down. They have decided to open up a gateway to your peaceful homeland … and so you must stop them at all costs.

There are a variety of orcs on offer, tooled up with various weapons and magic. Thankfully along with your bow and arrows you also have a cheeky blade and some of your own magic tricks to boot so you can take them down. The archery and fighting mechanics in this virtual reality environment are impressive. Its not just a case of pull back and release, no sir, you can perform all manner of trick shots to finish off your enemies in style.

Choose from three different game modes and rid the orcs from this Zelda-esque floating island. Download Trickster VR from STEAM.

4 stars