VRMark – is your PC VR ready?

vrmarkSo you’ve got yourself a top quality PC but is it compatible and ready so you can maximise your experience with VR?

Both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift put great demands on your PC’s performance. A lot of games have minimum set up requirements but to really appreciate the full immersive and explosive power of virtual reality gaming you generally need to take the developers recommended set up which is normally a lot higher spec.

Well thankfully a new piece of software by Futuremark has come on the market that helps you benchmark your PCs performance for virtual reality and provides you detailed results and analysis – VRMARK.

Test your PC for VR

VRMark includes two benchmark tests that are easy to run on your monitor. They’ll immediacy tell you how your machine fares and what can be done to improve performance. The tests take place in large virtual ornate rooms that are housed inside a museum. The exhibits in the museum are all themed and come alive as you pass them. From sci-fi and Inca ruins there is certainly great variety in the surroundings.

vrmark gameThe first test is the ‘Orange Room’ benchmark. Probably one of the most stunning of tests you’ve ever run as it shows the complex level of detail that can be accomplished if you have the right gear.

The second test, the ‘Blue Room’ benchmark is a lot more demanding and will show what you can expect to see if you have the highest-end gaming PC. Arguably one of the world’s most demanding VR benchmarks with a massive 5K rendering resolution (5120 × 2880)

Finally you can experience the beauty and immersive nature of VR by using the experience mode. In this mode you get free reign to explore all the great scenes that blossom in front of your eyes.

VRMark is a great resource for both performance analysis and showcasing the power of VR and as such should be a staple in any VR gamers armoury.

Minimum set up requirements: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift / OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Dual core CPU / Memory: 2 GB RAM / Graphics: 1.5 GB

Download VRMark from STEAM

4 stars