Windlands VR – review

windlands vrWindlands is one of those games that has no pretensions about it … its plain, good old fashioned fun for the Oculus Rift. The essence of the game is to explore a bunch of ruins but not by walking or exploring but by swinging Spiderman style through them.

Designed and developed by Psytech the game arms you with a grappling hook (and large leaping legs) and then its down to you to explore this bright world. The main challenges are how to access what look like impossible to reach islands out on the distance and unlock hidden areas in the world. It takes some skill, thought and manoeuvrability to traverse this virtual reality world. Its not all about exploration though there are multiple other challenges to beat  from skill based objectives through to time trials.

VR grappling gam

The developers have really done a great job in making Windlands a fully immersive experience. The graphics are bold and bright but create just the right environment and atmosphere for the game. You control movement through the keyboard whilst using the left mouse button to fire your grappling hook at the appropriate time. The sense of acceleration when you’re swinging through the air is highly realistic and may be a bit too ‘intense’ for some.; even the sense of falling, when you’ve missed your target, can be pretty unnerving.

windlands game

Nonetheless this is a great game showing what can be achieved when it comes to player movements in VR. It truly is thrilling to swing through ruins with a first person vr perspective.

Windlands can now be downloaded from STEAM; check out the game trailer below.

4 stars