World of diving VR

world of diving vrVR is one of the best mediums to experience environments you wouldn’t normally be able to encounter. From flying through space or zipping through jungles there is no limit to the freedom you can feel. One particular environment that plays particularly well in VR is diving and so the guys over at Vertigo Games have created one of the most interactive virtual reality diving games to date – World of diving.

World of diving is a fully interactive game enabling you to experience all the wonders of the deep without the fear of being eaten by a great white. Its available now for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive players and can be played in single or multi player, locally or online.

Exploration is at the heart of this game. As you can expect there’s a huge environment to check out however to get used to this diving malarkey you’ll start in the gentle warming seas of the Caribbean. Once you’ve become accustomed to movement from swimming through to controlling your personal sub you can go in search for more challenging objects and areas from famous wrecks (including Bismarck and Yongola) to atmospheric caverns.

Virtual reality diving games

There are an abundance of options, customisation and missions that ensures World of diving has a long shelf life with virtual reality gamers. Some missions include tracking and photographing all sorts of marine life from turtles to tropical fish. Of course diving is by its nature dangerous so there are also real and scary life-threatening scenarios you need to deal with and survive.

diving virtual realityYou can also customise your diver and the variety in customisation is very impressive. Try changing and upgrading your ship, change the look of your character and trial out various new and exciting diving equipment. In fact there’s not much you can’t do in World of Diving.

The games graphics are particularly impressive and there’s great attention to detail within this watery environment from the lighting through to the air bubbles. The games sound is also atmospheric and helps to immerse you further within the game.

This really is one of the best VR games for those who want to experience the feel of diving in a rich and exciting marine environment.

Early access of the World of diving is now available from STEAM.

Recommended requirements:  OS: Windows 7 / Processor: Intel i5-4590 equivalent / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / Broadband Internet Connection

4 stars