Worlds thinnest VR headset

pinch vr headsetSo you’ve seen a number of our VR headset reviews where the gadget strapped to your head is big and chunky and lets face it not particularly aesthetic! Well step in Pinc, a Canadian tech company, who have built the worlds thinnest VR headset – just 15mm thin – named PINCH VR.

Originally designed as a smart phone case the clever bods at Pinch have seen a gap in the market for a comfortable and ergonomic headset … and that’s exactly what they’ve gone and invented. They use different tech to other companies which enables Pinch to achieve lens thickness of just 2 mm. It also achieves a decent rate of over 120hz which means you can enjoy your VR experience without interference or glitches (game dependent). PinchVR is also comfortable to wear, not just because its so light but because there are durable runner coated flaps to keep it in place for long periods of use.

Currently there are two sizes to choose from, standard and XL, depending on the size of your smartphone.  Thankfully PinchVR does have several interchangeable lenses (for those who wear lenses/contacts) however there are no  adjustable focal lengths due to the thin nature of the lens.

In addition to the headset PinchVR also uses ‘Pinchers’ which can be controlled using optical control rings, worn on the index fingers. These rings ‘pinch’ to click with a users hands for control. This is all possible thanks to a rear facing camera on your smartphone that captures hand movements..This set-up really does enable multitasking with relative ease in an immersive VR environment.

maps interactive vr

Thankfully this headset works with all standard mobile VR apps (including Google Mobile VR HMD) and will come with 3 key apps at the launch including YouTube. However bear in mind that the Pincher technology is only applicable for games/software that have been designed to work with Pinch … and here lies the challenge or getting this mass-market and developers open-minded enough to work with the tech.

pinchers for pinchvr

We for one are super impressed with the advancements these guys have made with personal virtual reality gadgets and we hope they get the traction in the market they rightly deserve.

Check out more info on PINC and their range of products from their site.

4 stars